LISA MEDLEY, MA, CMT Well-Being Mentor


Well-Being Mentor

Who am I? Why am I here? How do I do this life!? These questions began to surface in me when I was 25 during a weekend retreat with my massage school. During a reflective exercise, the question, "What are your dreams?" was posed. I frighteningly did not have an answer. I searched within, came up empty, and ran into the bathroom sobbing. I felt scared, alone, and confused. It was the emergence of the "dark night of the (my) soul."

I began searching. For what, I wasn't quite sure, though I knew there must be "something." There was. It was me. The me that always exists even when it feels like there is only a pile of life's rubble - the conditioning; the limitations; the loud, noisy, external world. As a highly sensitive and empathic person (and I was not aware of these qualities at the time), I felt SO much and pretending I was invisible was a preferred coping mechanism. But, that didn't work so well because I am not actually  invisible...Now I know that on the other side of darkness was my lightness of being; also known as my self, my spirit, my soul. 

How did I dig (and continue to) myself out? Three main ingredients: 1) Embodiment. In other words, immersing myself in a variety of body-centered practices that slowed me down enough to reduce my stuck stress and feel good in my skin again. To sense the natural state of ease that allows grace to flow. 2) Support. Connect to kindred spirits, teachers, mentors, community. 3) PRACTICE the above. 



I believe that as we create more peace in our bodymind, we create more peace in the world.

I believe that the body's wisdom is a bridge between spirit and matter.

I believe that you are born for greatness and that is your purpose.

I believe in peace on earth. I believe in heaven on earth.

I believe that beyond limitation, we are born free.

I believe that we are all Divine Humans.

 I believe that LOVE is all there is.

I believe in YOU.


I am life long student. I love learning, integrating, and being ready for the teacher to appear.

Professionally, I have 20 years experience in holistic healing. My learning experiences certainly inform me and often it is a reinforcement of what I already "know" deep within. My education includes:

  • University of New Hampshire: BA, Major in Psychology, Minor in Dance
  • Lesley University: MA, Expressive Therapy
  • Cortiva-Boston (formerly Muscular Therapy Institute): CMT, Certified Massage Therapist
  • Leven Institute for Expressive Movement: Shake Your Soul™ Instructor & Movement Therapist
  • Various training in life and wellness coaching
  • Continued study of somatic and spiritual studies