3 Steps to Feel JOY

"Feel" is the operative word.

Last week I shared with you 3 modes of quality of life: Survival, Meh, and Joy.

The first step in making any kind of change is awareness, hence the invitation to first just notice what mode you are in most often. Without judgement.

If you want to experience more of the Joy mode, here are 3 steps.

1. Choose Joy. Sometimes life presents joyful moments and other times, you must choose joy regardless of what is occurring around you. 

2. Feel Joy. This experience is just that, an *experience.* Use your brain to come up with thoughts and images; then download how you feeeeeel into your body until you feel the tingles, the sparkles, the raising up of happy vibes! 

3. Practice Joy. Practice makes progress :-) In this world full of toxic media and messages, you must practice. The payoff? Feeling good! Cellular happiness! Living the good life!

Ideas to FEEL joy:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Smile
  • Power Pose (arms above your head standing confidently, check out TED Talks for more)
  • Dance-It-Out
  • Groove to your favorite song in your car
  • Run through a forest
  • Roll down a hill
  • Appreciate a child's laugh
  • Tell a joke
  • Laugh at a joke

Oh, one more: use your imagination!

  • Pretend you just won a million dollars
  • Pretend you won your favorite car on a game show
  • Pretend anything that lights you up!

(Psst...your brain can't tell the difference, so go on and pretend!)

Remember, you are born to feel good. When you give yourself permission to shift out of the stress/fight-flight-freeze/fear response long enough, you can indeed access your built-in ability to feel Joy. Or at least better.

You are here to THRIVE.