Do You Appreciate Your Opposable Thumbs?

Not a question you hear every day, if ever.

In our culture full of body criticism, judgment, shame, blame, and more disempowering adjectives not worth is time for something different.

I'm not going to ask you to love your body (at least not today); I will however lovingly encourage you to find one (or many!) area of your body that you can honestly, sincerely, and easily acknowledge with heart-felt APPRECIATION.

For example, your opposable thumbs. Imagine not having them. What would opening a door or picking up your coffee or tea mug be like? How about texting? :-) 

Play with me. Take a minute - that's it - and locate an area of APPRECIATION and love on it! Own what it does for you and take in how it serves you. Even if it is the size of a postage stamp. All of your 30+ trillion cells are connected anyway, so if you are start loving on one little area, the kindness will spread, in a good way. 

Opposable thumbs! Four fingers separated from each other! Eyelashes! A solid bone (sternum) in front of your heart! Connective tissue! Oxygen! Knees that bend! Your body is AMAZING!!!

Don't just pick an area to mentally check off this experiment from your to-do list. Take a breath, become present in right now, and give yourself the gift of conscious awareness. It can change your life. Choose one area and give thanks. 

How do you *feel in your body* when you do? Take that in.

Imagine your world with body gratitude, acceptance, respect, kindness, love, and many more powerful adjectives that en-lighten you. 

How to experience that kind of world? Play with these 3 "S's." 

The first two: SHORT and SIMPLE. Take a moment (it really can be that brief) and choose an area of your body to APPRECIATE while you are already attending to your body in some way. For example, brushing your teeth. You're just standing there, may as well do something. Or when you are walking down stairs or opening a door. How cool that your opposable thumbs make door opening even easier!

The third "S" is SUPPORT. I didn't always experience my body the way I do now. In this overstimulating and overwhelming world, I didn't know how to feel comfortable in my own skin for a long time. I didn't know that I could! My default mode was living from the neck up, running on adrenaline, and pushing beyond my natural limits until I energetically crashed. I was moving fast, though not sure where I was going...

I knew there was more to life. There had to be! (There is.)

With devotion to rising above mediocrity, "coincidences," and inner wisdom, I was guided to expand my *experience* of my body, as well as my toolbox, in supportive environments. The support was key in holding back the cultural conditioning long enough for me to access my natural state of ease and appreciate all the gifts my body has to offer. 

I learned (learning) to transform my connection with my body from a place of stress to a space of sanctuary

You can too. You are born to feel good, or at least better, in your body.

You do not need to tolerate survival or so-so mode any longer.