What's Your Go-To Mode: Survival, Meh, or Joy?

Psst...you have a choice. 

Let's break this down.

Survival Mode: An ancient practice when stress really was staying alive amidst the presence of saber-tooth tigers

Meh Mode: A reference to the "Emoji Movie" my son introduced me to - worth watching as it supports the reality that we are indeed multi-dimensional, can live beyond mediocrity, and be capable of...

Joy Mode: Your birthright to be you and be free!

Whether you know it or not, you are always choosing your mode. Sure, life is happening around you all the time AND your ability to respond (response-ability) is one of your greatest powers!

As an energetically sensitive being, I am really good at connecting with the energy around me. (It's a blessing and a challenge.) I used to be really good at merging with, sometimes becoming, the energy too. It was often exhausting, mostly confusing, and definitely perpetuated a survival or so-so existence. 'Cause I forgot I had another option.


Remember Joy.

Remember that you can choose Joy.

You have the built-in, hard-wired, physiologically-supported, inside-out capacity to experience Joy, as well as Love, Calm, Relaxation, Peace, Contentment, Ease & Grace, Bliss, and many more life-enhancing states of being. You are born to feel good. You are here to THRIVE. 

How to shift to more Joy? Begin where you are. Tune into your body and assess your go-to mode. Your body will not lie to you. Your should's might.Are you exhausted and running on fumes or settling for being "fine?" Or do you feel energized, vibrant, and alive!?

Give yourself the gift of honest awareness - without judging yourself! Awareness is power. It allows you to get real and be in the now.

Then, you can consider a different choice. For the moment, you do not even have to do anything. Just gently notice from time to time what mode of life you are living in. If it is not of your liking, know that something else, and way better, is possible. Trust me.