3 Ways to Experience Freedom in Your Body

In the spirit of Independence Day, I invite you to remember that you can experience freedom from the inside out any day of your life! The wisdom of your body supports this birthright. 

Here are 3 ways to inspire you:

Try exhaling first and release excess stress and energy. Then allow an inhale. Breathe consciously a few more times. Notice the freedom that gets created within your body. The more you remind yourself that you are not fighting or fleeing a saber-tooth tiger, the more this expansive physiological reality can occur.

These wonderful structures allow for your bones to articulate: express themselves in movement. You have over 200 joints in your body. (Some of these cannot be shook, more like shift.) However, freedom is yours! Go ahead and start a jiggle with a wrist or ankle and then keep shaking until you resemble a puppet, marionette, or a playful child. (If you feel silly, you are doing it right!) A simple full body de-stress!

Allow your body to move you. Instead of prescribing a movement - often what we do in "exercise" - invite your body to lead the way. HOW: pause; become aware of your body; choose an area that feels tight; begin to move it in any direction; then get out of the way, let your body's instincts take over, and follow the feel-good. This is POWERFUL inside-out freedom.

As you know, your body and mind are connected. In fact, there really is no separation, which is a whole other conversation. For now, play with the perspective that taking a body-centered approach to creating more freedom  - or ANYTHING - translates to how you move,think, feel, and be in your life!

When you claim your body wisdom AND think your thoughts AND feel your feelings, you allow your spirit - whatever you name that - and your soul - whatever you name that - to BE FREE

Happy Independence Day. Every day!