Stop "Exercising"

Unless you really like this word.

Words have energy. They feel good or don't. Or are sometimes neutral.

Notice what you sense *in your body* when you hear the word, "exercise." What does it feel like? What thoughts/images/memories/associations do you have with it? Do you want to "exercise?"

The information you are receiving is from your body intelligence. It will guide you to YOUR truth. 

Your body is made up of over 600 muscles, 200 joints, a web of fluid-based connective tissue, a variety of physiological systems, a plethora of organs, and more. You are essentially a walking ocean.

Given this architecture, it is clear that your body is designed to move.

Simply, "exercise" is moving your body in a variety of ways. However, you get to choose what you call that experience. If "exercise" doesn't do it for you, give yourself permission to redefine this critical aspect of physical wellbeing. Ideally, you want a word or description that inspires you; not make you feel obligated, shoulded upon, or filled with dread. That is a recipe for a vicious cycle: doing something that is good for you, contracting against the very thing that is good for you, and adding more stress, tension, adrenaline, cortisol, negative thinking, disconnection, and disembodiment.

Not exactly what we are going for. 

How about "physical activity?" Or just, "movement?" What do you sense *in your body* with these words?

Some other out-of-the-box suggestions: Powerful Play, Chemical Chain Reaction, Divine Dance, Fearless Force, Spiritual Solace, Ecstatic Experience, Energetic Expression, Transformation Training, Embodied Exertion, Revitalization Reason, Life Force Leverage.

I invite you to experiment with word play. Notice the impact on how it makes you feel and the action you take (or consider taking.)

Once you have a name for "it," then you also get to choose HOW you do "it."

(More on that next week!)

P.S. I would love to hear other words or descriptions you come up with! Feel free to let me know as well as any questions or comments at: 

Are you sustaining YOUR Earth (Body)?

"If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?" Anonymous

In the spirit of Earth day on Sunday, April 22, I invite you to consider how you are sustaining YOUR Earth, your body.  

The simple, and often underrepresented, Truth:

You have a body.

You are not your body.

You are in a relationship with your body.

Your body is the residence of the best YOU. The YOU that shines your light, your greatness, your planetary purpose, your peak performance, your soul/essence/divine spark, your magnificence, radiance, and brilliance - and many more descriptions that words cannot sufficiently convey.

Let's come back down to Earth.  

What is the state of your body? Are you suffering in survival mode? Are you settling for so-so? Or are you thriving?

Imagine approaching your body as part of the Universe...

What choices would you make to ensure your body's sustainability?

A suggestion: get out of your head.

The "inconvenient truth" is that if you don't care for your personal planet, the best YOU is limited in expression and evolution. 

Want a stronger foundation and more sustainability for your body? I believe in incremental shifts. What is the simplest choice you can make today that will support your body's wellbeing?

Seriously, I am talking v-e-r-y simple. Like one deep breath, a sip of water, 25 more steps. 


I celebrate your potential to thrive, to evolve, and to sustain this beautiful home called your body.

Carbs, Candy, and Cab, Oh My!

Stressed? Stuck? Seeking to Soothe?

I get it.

When you are not feeling like yourself, you just want to feel good. Or at least better. There are MANY ways to access that state of being. Some will suffice, some will satiate, and some will never, ever fill your well.

It has been a long winter where I live in New England. Every winter is long and some feel longer than others. I am "done" feeling cooped up and longing to splash around the sparkling water and glittering sand.

In the meantime, I have a good size feel-better-in-my-body toolbox. Sometimes I'm using it consciously and reap the rewards of restoration that bring me back to the center of myself. Sometimes I go unconscious and reach for the carbs, candy, (and) or Cabernet. 

The truth is that these choices help me feel better. Temporarily.



However, if I don't pause long enough to tune in and ask my Self (body-thoughts-emotions-spirit-soul) what I r-e-a-l-l-y need, I will not feel better. I will continue to numb my needs and mask my truth. I will feel like "it" is not enough. I may even feel like I am not enough. The unsatisfying cycle will continue. 

What to do? Simple. Pause, ask, and choose.

You MUST pause the external so you can access the internal. Then choose from and for you - the best version of you - to fill your well being.

What will YOU choose?