" I've never known how to move my hips before. I was always too stiff. This class taught me how to loosen up." Cheryl, Age 56, RI

"Lisa Medley's How to Survive on the Dance Floor was terrific. She is so relaxed and welcoming. I do a lot of structured partner dancing though I feel awkward (a throwback to 7th grade) when I do free form dancing. This class gives basic ideas for how to move and I highly recommend taking her class if you are at all self-conscious about moving to music. I feel emboldened and can't wait to get out on the dance floor and fully let myself just have fun." Karen, Age 50, MA

"I learned exactly what I needed to be more comfortable and have a great time at social events. Because of your class, I realized that I don't need a partner or know a lot of complicated steps. I'd highly recommend this class for all people who are missing out on this vital (and fun!) part of their social life." Jesse, Age 30, TN

"I can actually dance...gives me the language of dance, so it is easy to learn." Ben, Age 26, RI

"What I liked best about your program was YOU and how you presented the material. I learned how to feel more comfortable on the dance floor and that has bolstered my confidence."           Mary, Age 55, MA  

Two left feet? Self-conscious? Craving confidence?

HOW TO SURVIVE ON THE DANCE FLOOR™ is specifically designed for the absolute beginner. If you missed out on dance lessons when you were younger and are now at a loss of what to do as an adult, now is the perfect time to master the basics and set yourself free on the dance floor.

Participants feel more confidence to blend in and have fun at social events including; weddings, parties, clubs, work events, social and community functions, and in their own living room! 

Learning how to dance does not get any easier than this! No experience or partner needed.


  • You indeed do have rhythm!
  • 15 "Survival" Steps
  • The simple language of dance
  • Coordinate your legs, hips, and arms
  • Tools to enhance your creativity
  • How to make music your friend

Available as a VIRTUAL TRAINING.