What is the quality of your life? What is the quality of your health/wellness/wellbeing? To what degree do you value your body and its wisdom?

Do you want to stop settling for survival mode and feel alive and well?

If you wish, 1) reflect on the above questions and 2) assess on a scale of 1-10 how well your being is, currently, in your:

Mind (Thoughts): NEGATIVE 1 ______________________________________________ 10 POSITIVE

Body: SURVIVAL MODE 1 ________________________________________________________ 10 ALIVE & WELL!

Emotions: FEAR 1 ______________________________________________________ 10 LOVE

Spirit: DISCONNECTED 1 ______________________________________________________ 10 ALIGNMENT

Soul: HUH? 1 _________________________________________________________________ 10 EXPRESSING

. CONGRATULATIONS! Awareness is the first step towards a breakthrough of understanding what is possible for you! Acknowledge your strengths (VERY IMPORTANT!) and notice the area(s) that you could choose differently, experience a different result, and reclaim your best self! 

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NOW is all there is. 


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