Want more out of life? Good.

Ready to live with more ease and grace?

It is your birthright to thrive and be your best self. You no longer have to tolerate survival mode, mediocre living, or completely bypassing the earthly plane to stay sane. There is a middle ground - it is called your body.

In fact, you can feel so exquisitely comfortable in your skin that you can feel truly alive, well, and experience heaven in your earth. Now.

If you want to make YOUR world a better place and be a shining light to make THE world a better place, it starts at home. Your Self. Your body is a bridge to your divine humanity.

I know. I have visited every point on the quality of life continuum from being burnt out and unrecognizable to reclaiming my Self and lighting back up again. Getting back together with my body was critical for my sustainable wellbeing. You know, feeling that high-vibe more often than not. I don’t mean perfection or love and light all the time. It is honoring the messy beautiful, doing the best I can every day, and consciously taking in as many precious moments as possible.

You can too!

It is a process, it is a practice, and it is possible. Ready?



One size does not fit all.

We assess your wellbeing in body-mind-emotion-spirit-soul and create a customized program with a body-centered focus for integrated and sustainable transformation. Possible topics include: self-care; rest & relaxation; personal retreat planning, embodiment; spirituality; fluid movement; sacred dance; soul work; visibility. I only work with a limited number of private clients at a time for optimal access to guidance, accountability, celebrations, and ensure my wellbeing.




  • Remember Divine Birthright

  • Restore Positive Relationship

  • Reclaim Empowering Lifestyle

  • Reinforce Inner Sanctuary

A body relationship program that honors your body as a sacred resource. Liberate your light and THRIVE!

Groups. Private Mentorship. Workshops.



I’m all about using technology for good and connect via various virtual offerings. I also love to experience our divine humanity live!

Examples include:

The Restoration Experience

Liberate Your Joy

Conscious Dance/Fluid Movement Classes

Check out my current offerings and let’s meet in person! NOTE: I love to travel and will happily chat about coming to you!